Treatments for Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a process of transforming the smile of a patient through different dental works. It involves altering the teeth and gums to correct the appearance of teeth, making them more aesthetically appealing. The process of a smile makeover involves the intervention of different dental appliances and procedures to achieve the best look.

Patients that see for a smile makeover have suffered issues with self-confidence because of how their smile looks. Technically, most of the smile makeover procedures are cosmetic in nature. It is why you reach out to a cosmetic dentist near you to start the process of smile transformation.

Who Needs A Smile Makeover?

The smiles makeover before and after results are dramatically significant, which is why anyone would be interested in the process. In most cases, people who go to dentistry in Shelby Charter Township, MI for smile transformations are adults, based on their preference of what is cosmetically appealing to them. This is why most of the patients of smile makeovers are adults.

However, teens and young adults too can have the procedures performed as long as they have the clearance and consent from their parents and guardians. Usually, the process of a smile makeover is long and involves numerous procedures. A patient must be willing to go through the different dental works to achieve the desired results.

What Problems Can Be Corrected Through Smile Makeover?

The goal of a smile makeover is to neutralize and correct every dental problem you may have in your mouth this means that so many oral problems can be corrected, with cosmetic reasons as the main drive for the treatments. The most common problems addressed include:

  • Discolored teeth – the color of stained teeth is not appealing. Regardless of the cause of the discoloration, in a smile makeover process, you cannot keep the stains. The process of dealing with the stains can range from professional teeth whitening, at-home whitening gels, dental crowns, or dental veneers. The treatment chosen for your teeth will depend on your preference as well as the effectiveness thereof.
  • Plaque and tartar buildup – whether you believe it or not, plaque can hold you back from having the best smile. This can be professionally removed, to restore the health of your teeth and mouth overall.
  • Broken and chipped teeth – they can compromise how your teeth look. Often, they are treated with dental veneers. However, severely broken teeth can be rectified with dental crowns.
  • Tooth decays and cavities – much as this is a functional problem of teeth, it can have cosmetic impacts. Depending on the severity of your decay, the treatment will vary from the use of dental veneers to that of dental crowns. Usually, your dentist will run your through a different option of restorative dentistry, for example, root canal, tooth implants, or tooth extraction.
  • Gaps between teeth – instead of the orthodontic process, a cosmetic solution to gaps between teeth involves the dental bonding process. Dental veneers are used in this case, to close the gaps and improve the appearance thereof.

What Treatments Are Involved in A Smile Makeover?

Once you are cleared for a smile makeover, your next concern is over which dental treatments you will require for the perfect smile. Usually, this is determined by the negotiation between you and your dentist, based on the picture you have for your final look. The dentist will recommend several procedures to befit your dental condition and achieve your desired results. Some of the treatments and dental appliances involved in the treatment include:

  • Porcelain veneers – they are the most common dental appliances in smile restorations. The veneers are used because of their versatility in correcting different problems, as mentioned earlier.
  • Dental crowns – they are used to cap teeth externally, particularly when the enamel has been damaged.
  • Dental bridges – they are used to replace missing teeth.
  • Gum reduction surgery – advanced dental works have to be performed to complete your smile transformation. If you have a gummy smile, a gum reduction surgery is necessary to reshape your gum
  • Gum grafting – this is for patients with receded gums, especially following periodontitis diagnosis.

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