The Month February Again Brings the National Children's Dental Health Month As Usual

February is just a month away but excitement is already building up among thousands of dedicated professionals about the National children’s dental health month which is held by the American Dental Association ever since its introduction several decades ago. As usual, the program brings together countless numbers of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators for promoting the benefits of good oral health to children along with their caregivers, teachers, and many others. This is a month-long campaign but even the dentist open on Saturday is excited about the program and can be seen discussing it with everyone.

Even the kids’ dentist near me has been gloating about this program by stating that it has been ongoing since 1949 when it was a one-day event until it was extended to a week in 1955 and a month in 1981. Presently the National children’s dental health month is observed every February.

What Is the Message the ADA Is Attempting to Promote

The American Dental Association is attempting to tell children that developing good oral health habits early in life and visiting the dentist regularly will help them to make a good beginning on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. The campaign slogan of the NC DHM this year is “fluoride in water prevents cavities! Get it from the tap!” Posters that can be downloaded from the Internet or ordered have been printed in English on one side and Spanish on the other. While no restrictions have been placed on the number of posters that can be downloaded on the Internet orders for physical delivery are limited to 8 packs.

It is well-known that fluoride is capable of preventing cavities and this is one of the reasons why the ADA and the CDC recommended trace amounts of fluoride to be present in drinking water. Cavities are presently a chronic problem among American children with most developing cavities before they reach the age of five. By the time children apply for their driver’s licenses they have already undergone the problem or are making attempts to get over them in every way possible.

NCDHM Also Emphasizes on Maintaining Proper Dental Hygiene

The NCDHM is not just talking about the benefits of fluoride but is also emphasizing the children should brush and clean in between the teeth for a healthy smile. The month of February will see the ADA encouraging parents and kids not only to clean the tops and sides of their teeth but also in between every tooth. Regular brushing, flossing, and having a healthy diet are important steps for keeping our teeth clean in between states the ADA calling upon everyone to help spread the message claiming that smiles can be kept sparkling by working together.

Social Media Channels Also Helping to Spread the Message

The reach and width of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have been recognized by the ADA which is using them to spread the message of NCDHM. These channels are helping to share great tips on how the message of this campaign can be spread by offering images, posters, and copy for use.

Healthy habits for happy smiles are also offering a series of handouts for pregnant women and parents of infants providing them simple tips on oral health issues. The staff of this knowledge Center is being encouraged to share the handouts printed with families for promoting good oral health with the printouts being available in English and Spanish. Colgate is also running a multicultural oral health education program for children called Bright Smiles Bright Futures. The program is designed to impart education about oral health for children up to the age of five.

The dentist in Shelby charter Township, Mi, is also participating in the program and promoting the benefits of proper dental hygiene among children besides speaking about fluoride treatments for the prevention of cavities. All dentists are prepared to provide in-office fluoride treatments to children and adults emphasizing that it is an essential requirement for the prevention of tooth decay and cavities. It is unknown whether children will display similar enthusiasm as the dentist near me and prefer to have fluoridated water in favor of sugary beverages they are accustomed to having. However, the NCDHM is attempting to encourage children to adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking good care of their oral health.

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