Your smile is usually the first thing that people notice, so it makes sense for you to want it to be beautiful. If your goal is to improve the look of your smile, then a smile makeover may be the answer. Our dentist can transform your teeth in our office using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology.


Teeth discoloration occurs naturally as you get older due to the different foods and drinks you consume throughout your life. There is no way to avoid discoloration. Some people have brighter teeth than others simply due to genetics. If you want a beautiful smile that shines brightly, then you should consider dental veneers or teeth whitening. You could also try composite bonding, which is a popular and affordable alternative. Your dentist will discuss all of the options for brightening your smile at the time of your consultation.


If any teeth are missing in your mouth, then our dentist at William G. Ziecina D.D.S., P.C. can replace the tooth with a realistic prosthetic tooth. There are different teeth replacement options available such as dentures or implants. Restorations can be permanent or removable. The choice is dependent on your desires and comfort as well as what is best for your oral health.


The alignment of your teeth has an immense effect on your smile. Our dentist can create an orthodontic treatment plan that repositions your teeth and improves your overall oral health over time. The options for orthodontic treatment vary, so be sure to speak with your dental expert about what treatment options are available for your smile makeover.

There are even more ways to get the beautiful smile you have always wanted. To learn about smile makeovers, schedule an appointment at William G. Ziecina D.D.S., P.C. today by phone or by coming into the office.

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