Few things in the world can be more concerning than a possible cancer diagnosis. There are many different types of cancer, but when it comes to the mouth, oral cancers have severe effects and can be quite debilitating. The good news is, if you and your doctor catch it early on, the chances for a positive outcome is increased. A skilled dentist like Dr. William Ziecina in Shelby Township, MI, can detect the early signs of oral cancer and help you get the treatment you need to combat it effectively. This is another reason why you should be coming to the office every six months for an exam and cleaning.

What are Risk Factors for Oral Cancers?

There are two types of risk factors: lifestyle factors and genetic factors. First, when it comes to genetic factors, note how many people in your family have had oral cancer. This would be something significant – especially if the oral cancers did not arise from lifestyle issues.

As for lifestyle issues, the biggest accelerants of oral cancers are tobacco use and the consumption of alcohol. In terms of alcohol consumption, the higher the amount of alcohol consumed, the greater the risk of oral cancer. Tobacco also has some nuance. Smoking cigarettes and cigars will definitely increase the chances of oral cancers, but smokeless tobacco will wreak havoc upon your mouth, especially the gum tissue and the inner lining of your cheeks. If you are currently using these products, cease use as quickly as possible.

Screenings for Oral Cancer

Getting a screening for oral cancer occurs at every single exam and cleaning. The dentist will look for tell-tale signs such as white spots that are out of place along with other types of swelling and inflammation.

Oral cancer is something that can be debilitating. Book an exam with Dr. William Ziecina in Shelby Township, MI, to get screened for oral cancer.

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