Athletic Mouth Guards

There are plenty of reasons that athletes need mouth guards, and when an athlete gets a mouth guard, it is vital to make sure the fit is proper. There are a lot of mouth guards that use the boil and bite method. In terms of having a DIY mouth guard, there are many benefits to this method, including the cost. However, the boil and bite mouth guard does have some issues. When you arrive at the office of Dr. William Ziecina in Shelby Township, MI, our office can get you a great athletic mouth guard so that you can play the sports you love without worrying about getting hit in the mouth.

What are the Benefits of Athletic Mouth Guards?

The key for these mouth guards is that they act as shock absorbers. Athletic mouth guards dissipate the energy that comes from a blow so that your teeth do not get displaced by the force. Another great benefit of an athletic mouth guard is that the mouth guard’s shock absorption capability helps you avoid concussions. Athletic mouth guards are extremely beneficial to athletes. Wearing an athletic mouth guard forces athletes to regulate their breathing, which helps them use their oxygen more efficiently.

How Do I Get a Custom Athletic Mouth Guard?

Getting a custom athletic mouth guard is easy. The first step is for you to come into the office so that we can take an impression of your bite. When then use the impression to create an athletic mouth guard that is customized to your particular bite. This custom fitting mouth guard will help you bite down and breathe more easily.

Night Guards

One of the biggest reasons people have problems with their teeth is because of teeth grinding. The problem with grinding is that this is mostly something that happens on an involuntary basis. People grind their teeth and yet don’t even realize it. Teeth grinding is terrible because it wears down the enamel of the teeth. As the enamel wears down, bacteria and other nefarious agents can get into the tooth and cause decay, which weakens the structure of the tooth. If teeth grinding is an issue for you, Dr. William Ziecina in Shelby Township, MI, will recommend a night guard as a tool that will help you mitigate the problems associated with grinding.

What is a Night Guard?

A night guard is a simple tool that you wear to bed. It is essentially a mouthpiece that is much stronger than the ones sold in the store. Many people try to buy mouthpieces over the counter only to find they grind right through them. The night guard is made of sturdier plastic that fits comfortably in the mouth and allows you to grind your teeth without the adverse effects essentially. The night guard protects teeth by acting as a durable barrier between the teeth. The effects of teeth grinding are unleashed on the durable plastic instead of the teeth.

How Do I Get a Night Guard?

Getting a night guard is very simple. The first thing to know is that the night guard is customized to fit your mouth. If it is determined that you need a night guard, the dentist will take an impression of your bite. The impression is then sent off to the lab where the night guard is made. On your next appointment, the night guard will be given to you. From that point on, you will have to sleep with it every night.

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