There is plenty of diagnostic technology that can be used to help dentists treat patients with different issues. One of the most useful technologies that allow a dentist to understand exactly what is going on in a patient’s mouth is 3D imaging. In terms of how imaging works, the old style was to take impressions of a bite and look at the impression to treat the issues. Today, 3D imaging does what those impressions used to do but with greater accuracy, allowing the dentist to see into the mouth and the bite in a way that was previously unavailable. At the office of Dr. William Ziecina in Shelby Township, MI, we use advanced 3D imaging equipment to help us treat our patients with greater efficacy.

How is 3D Imaging Used in Dentistry?

There are a lot of ways that 3D imaging can help a dentist learn about the contour of the bite and the structure of the individual teeth. One of the biggest ways that 3D imaging helps is that it can assist in creating crowns that fit better. Fabricating a crown can take a lot of time, and with an impression, it is an imperfect fit, at best. The difference with 3D imaging is that the dentist and the lab can get much more precise measurements of the tooth, and this helps create a crown that has a better fit. There are plenty of other appliances that are helped with 3D imaging as well, including teeth aligners, mouth guards, and even prosthetics.

What is the Procedure to Get a 3D Image?

Getting 3D images is really simple. What we do is essentially the same thing as taking an x-ray. The difference is that the technology is able to reconstruct the teeth. This imaging is far more precise and takes a lot less time to create the image than an impression takes. Plus, impressions take a long time to harden, and the 3D imaging is done rather quickly.

Whatever reason that you need dental help rest assured that the 3D imaging used at the office of Dr. William Ziecina in Shelby Township, MI will give you the best solutions to whatever dental issues arise.

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