Quick and Affordable Dental Fillings in Shelby Charter Township

It’s common for some people to delay much-needed dental work because of economic reasons or time constraints. Even if they know they have a tooth that needs to be restored, they may choose to live with the fallout from the decay because they don’t believe they can afford to have it treated or just don’t want to take time out of their day to have it done. While that thinking sounds logical at first consideration, it falls apart when you consider the amount of time and money that will be involved in more complicated dental work down the line.

The Importance of Treating Dental Decay Now Rather Than Later

It’s true that when cavities begin to form, they are barely noticeable. But there’s also another undeniable truth about tooth decay. If it is not treated with a Dental Fillings or another form of restorative dentistry in Shelby Charter Township when small, it can lead to infection and total tooth loss. And when that happens, the snowball effect begins as your remaining teeth shift out of place to fill the gap of the lost tooth unless it’s been replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge – two procedures that take a lot more time and cost a lot more money than a simple filling.

If You’re Putting It Off Because You Don’t Want a Metal Filling

Another reason that some patients put off much-needed dental treatment is that they do not want to have a metal filling. But with the advantages of tooth-colored fillings from a dentist near you in Shelby Charter Township, that’s not a good reason either. Tooth restoration can be color-matched to the tooth that’s receiving it so no one will know except for you and your dentist!

There’s an Even Better Solution – A Regular Dental Exam and Professional Tooth Cleaning

Rather than worrying about the possibility of expensive and time-consuming dental work in the future, why not incorporate preventative dentistry into your oral health care with a regularly scheduled dental exam and professional tooth cleaning in Shelby Charter Township, IN? Our office has convenient early evening and Saturday appointments available to accommodate even the busiest schedule. And we also offer CareCredit monthly financing for individuals without insurance. Call our dental care team now to learn more!

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