3D Imaging and Its Benefits for Modern Dentistry

As medical technology experiences a new decade of increased innovations and improvements, dentists can incorporate a broad range of new techniques and machines in their practices. Out of the more recent developments, one of the most significant has been 3D imaging, which allows practitioners to create perfect copies of a patient’s mouth in a digital system. This copy can then be used to search for potential problems and to simulate how treatments will play out in the mouth. For this reason, 3D imaging in dentistry has become a major resource. It’s important to consider finding 3D dental imaging near you to take advantage of this new 3D dental technology.

What Is 3D Dental Imaging?

3D dental imaging employs the use of devices called cone-beam computed tomography machines that create a 3D rendition of a patient’s mouth that is then accessible through a secure computer system. This 3D model can be rotated and adjusted as needed and is a major improvement when compared to the 2D images supplied by a regular x-ray machine. These 3D dental x-rays display more information and allow dentists to take more accurate measurements, resulting in more comfortable procedures.

Because 3D imaging is more precise and efficient, it has become in high demand among dentists and patients alike. Dentists can zone in on small, specific areas to search for damage or decay. They can see through soft tissue like the gums to check on the health of the roots and jawbones.

Using these systems also reduces radiation exposure, allaying patient fears, and concerns about overexposure to x-rays. Plus, patients tend to have an easier time understanding the 3D image, helping them to become more involved in the development of a customized treatment plan.

When Is 3D Imaging Utilized?

At this point, researchers think 3D imaging has numerous untried benefits. However, the technology is currently being used in a variety of everyday procedures experienced by the majority of patients. In particular, technology has shown many advantages in the fields of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry is exactly what it sounds like. It is a field that focuses on improving the overall appearance and often function of the teeth. Some common procedures include whitening, the installation of braces, the application of veneers, and sometimes dental bonding. While the procedures can have some practical benefits, they are primarily used to improve appearances.

Through the use of dental 3D scans, dentists can better prepare patients for reconstructive therapy and oral surgery. Dentists can also better plan complex treatments like the application of braces or veneers by creating a more accurate model for equipment that needs to be placed on or over the teeth. The use of 3D imaging in the examination rooms also makes it easier for patients to be a part of their treatment plans since it is easier for the average individual to understand the image than a traditional x-ray. Since the technology is simple to install, it is more accessible for people of all budgets as well.

The use of dental CT scans also has applications in broader orthodontics and implants. In particular, dentists can once again create accurate molds but can also identify any problem areas that might cause issues during the standard procedure. Braces and other applications become more comfortable since they can be properly fitted to the contours of the teeth and jaws.

Where Can 3D Imaging Be Done?

Many people don’t realize that this technology is most likely available in their own neighborhoods and at the average dentist’s office. If you’re seeking a qualified implant center, consider doing some local research and identifying potential candidates in your area. 3D imaging does not cost extra and is covered by most major insurance providers, making it an affordable option for people with a broad range of budgets.

For a 3D dental scan near you in Shelby Township, consider contacting William G. Ziecina D.D.S., P.C. His practice is capable of handling a broad range of cosmetic, preventative, and restorative procedures that use 3D dental imaging to your advantage.

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